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Slim Chandra-Shekar and Penelope More.

We need time and self-love to heal our own wounds – self-inflicted wounds and those inflicted by others. As we heal, we transcend our suffering and we bring this stunningly exquisite capacity to go beyond our own issues into the realm of bringing comfort and balance to others. We strip away the ego of our own wounding by seeing the wounds of others and we transform ourselves as we help others transform. We discover that we are all ‘wounded healers’ ……- Slim Chandra-Shekar


Healing Modalities


Having Penelope and Slim join each other and be so dedicated to healing is a blessing to everyone who experiences them.”

Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione, PhD

Authors & Founders of Attitudinal Healing International

Sausalito, CA

Slim Chandra Shekar is a unique healer and teacher. Three years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I became a client and experienced the power of his healing. Little was I to know that this was the beginning of a journey that would heal me not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually as well. My experience with Slim also unlocked doors, leading to new exploration within myself. Slim has used a variety of modalities with me – hypnotherapy, Reiki, chant and shamanic healing – always providing a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. I will always be grateful to this truly amazing, gentle and gifted healer.”

Marlene B

Novato, CA