• You need to hit “reset” and get back to what matters most to you

  • You simply want to learn more about yourself and gain new tools to better handle what life brings your way

  • You’re overwhelmed and have lost who you are somewhere along the way

  • You struggle to believe that you are enough

  • You say “yes” when you mean “no” and find yourself disappointed, resentful, and have judgement towards yourself and others

Nectar Yoga B&B, Bowen Island


Join us for an incredible weekend of connection, relaxation, learning and exploration in a stunningly beautiful natural setting on Bowen Island, BC.  A yoga dome in the forest? Yes, please!

Tofino, Vancouver Island


Experience 3 nights in one of Western Canada’s most relaxing, naturally stunning, and restorative locations. Stay tuned for further upcoming details!

Squamish, British Columbia


“Squawesome,” our amazing home town is known for its incredible natural beauty, and we look forward to introducing you to it in a day retreat setting. Stay tuned for details!

“I went to a Restore Your Soul retreat not knowing what to expect. I can safely say that it was a life changing experience. Thanks to Byrdie and Heather, I now have a completely different outlook on life and have found my greater purpose. I can't recommend this retreat highly enough! I will definitely be returning!” - Sarah