about us

Byrdie Funk (RPC, CDWF)

Byrdie has a huge love for people and the stories they carry within them.  In her own life journey, she has seen the power of shame, resilience and vulnerability and their impact on her story.  The work of Dr. Brené Brown resonates strongly with Byrdie, and having become a Certified Daring WayTM Facilitator in 2012 she is excited to help others live their best lives by sharing the concepts of vulnerability, empathy, courage, connection, and compassion.  She is also passionate about the freedom to be found by inviting God to journey with us as we walk along the path of building shame resilience and write new chapters in our stories.

Byrdie has the honour of being a wife to a stand-up guy and “dog-mom” to Charli.  She can often be found enjoying tasty food, sipping good coffee, spending time in the awe-inspiring outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, enjoying a good book, and expressing her creative soul!


Learn more about Byrdie at justbecounselling.com

Heather Kennedy (RYT-200, DVM)

Heather loves connecting with people and seeing them live their best lives.  She fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian in 2004, but after a time began to realize that her work was impacting her life in a very unhealthy way.  During that season of confusion and change, she found great strength in her faith, a place of quiet peace and solitude on her yoga mat, and practical life-altering wisdom in the writings of Brené Brown.  She became a Registered Yoga Teacher in January 2016, is currently pursuing training as a Life Coach, and in her classes loves to combine movement and breath with encouragement, wisdom, play, and the opportunity for deep connection with God.

Heather is seriously in love with her husband and their wonder-dog, Lucy.  She loves to play in the outdoors on two wheels, in trail running shoes, and on skinny skis, especially with friends to share in the fun.  Backcountry hikes and canoe trips make her heart smile hugely, as do deep conversations, excellent coffee and good food. 


Learn more about Heather at blossomingtogether.com