As a natural outcome of our own lived experiences, we are passionate about wholehearted health.  For us, wholehearted health means we pay attention to and nourish our whole selves:  emotional, physical, mental, relational, and spiritual.  We have created a space for you to do just that at each of our retreats, and you'll leave with an increased ability to practice wholehearted health in your own life.

We can't wait to share space with you, and look forward to meeting you!

As you relax, unwind, breathe, and play, you'll have space to learn and integrate truths which will help you to:


  • Build confidence in who you are and live from a deeply authentic place

  • Identify your values and live them out

  • Recognize the value of boundaries in your life and set appropriate boundaries

  • Thrive in your relationships

  • Develop resiliency and an ability to rise when you fall

  • Practice self-care so you can be your best self for you and others

Through :

  • Growth sessions based on Brené Brown's Daring Way curriculum

  • Solution-Focused Integrated Wellness Coaching

  • Restorative, thoughtful, and uplifting yoga sessions (yin, hatha, and flow styles)

  • Connection over nourishing and delicious meals

  • Time to relax, enjoy an adventure (of your own or guided on certain retreats), and process all you've learned

In facilitating retreats, and in life, core values guide the way for us.  We'd love for you to know a little bit more about three specific things we value, as they will shine through during our time together.

Wholehearted Living


Living in Freedom


As you become secure in your unique identity, accepting yourself and your story, living a wholehearted life becomes possible.  Loving yourself well, living in courage, compassion, authenticity, gratitude, joy, and faith...these are all signs of living wholeheartedly.  Perhaps this is a place you live in already, or perhaps this is somewhere you'd like to move toward.  We practice wholehearted living daily, as best we can, and look forward to supporting you on your journey at and after a retreat!


In a world of full schedules and habitual hurry, it's all to easy to lose connection.  Yet connection is powerful - taking the time to daily connect with yourself, others, and the Divine in a meaningful way has a beautiful effect on your spirit and overall health.  We're designed for connection, and with it, we thrive!  What better way to pause and reconnect than on retreat?


Living in freedom is truly a beautiful way to live. It means loving yourself for who you are, being true to yourself in all that you do, and moving beyond the voice of shame that tells you that you aren’t good enough. You ARE enough, and were created to live in freedom. As we speak about shame, it no longer holds power. As we develop resilience and learn new tools to help us in that process, we move into a place of truly thriving and freely living out who we are.