Our ethos

We’re passionate about the power of connection, faith, and personal growth in our lives.  We believe that our soul is meant to be nourished, fed and restored.  THAT WE WERE MADE TO LIVE IN TRUE FREEDOM.  We’re so excited to share our passion with you!



We believe that connection matters.  To others, to oneself, to God.  We were created for it, and with it, we thrive.  Brené Brown defines connection as "the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”  A weekend spent in retreat with us is designed to grow and nourish connection in your life.


wholehearted living

We believe that living a rich life means living with your whole heart: living in courage, compassion, connection, gratitude, joy, and faith.  Practicing vulnerability and being gentle with yourself and others.  Being secure in your identity and accepting yourself and your story.  Rising when you fall.  While living wholeheartedly isn't always easy, we can honestly say that we do our best, embrace grace, and have experienced enrichment in our lives because of it.  We are here to support you in your journey!

personal growth

We believe that personal growth is always time well spent.  Sometimes, the best things in life take a little work.  Diving deep into life by committing to personal growth can be challenging, but is always worth it.  We seek to support you in that process (as we continue in our own growth!) by listening, teaching, encouraging, and providing practical tools to apply in your daily life.  Our hope is that you leave a weekend spent in retreat with us equipped with a new way to interact with yourself and the world around you.


We believe that we were created to live in true freedom.  That we were designed for it.  And yet it seems that so many of us are living bound by our shame.  Why is this?  And what can we do about it?

Brené Brown says that "shame cannot survive being spoken.  It cannot survive empathy."  As we learn about shame and how it impacts us; as we gain the tools we need to build resilience to it; and as we invite God and others into our growth and learning process, THIS is where freedom takes root and becomes a beautiful way of living.


a thread of faith

We believe that God is love.  That he is always on our side and cheers for us as we journey through this thing called life.  A thread of faith is woven through our lives, and we wouldn't be who we are without it.  Our hope is that as faith is woven through a retreat weekend with us, you would experience God's love and grace in your journey.



We believe that our soul, that deepest part of our being, needs restoration, nourishment, and care.  And that caring for the soul also requires caring for the body and mind.  The three are inextricably linked.  We seek to provide care for every part of you as we listen and teach together; as we move our bodies and fill them with life-giving breath; as we share in story and healing; as we spend time in the beauty of creation; and as we gather in community around nourishing food. 


Our soul is like a stream of water, which gives strength, direction, and harmony to every other area of our life. When that stream is as it should be, we are constantly refreshed and exuberant in all we do, because our soul itself is then profusely rooted in the vastness of God and his kingdom, including nature; and all else within us is enlivened and directed by that stream.